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Hawaiian Sun Chocolate Covered Mac Clusters - 5oz

$ 12.99

Our Hawaiian macadamia nuts are grown in rich volcanic soil, nurtured by cool tropical breezes and watered by crystal rainfalls. Each hand selected nut is dry roasted to perfection capturing its creamy, light taste and hand dipped in a special blend of chocolates to create a unique, handmade quality. This darker, richer blend of milk chocolate heightens and compliments the creamy macadamia nuts.

Chocolates are not shipped with ice packs, risk of melting in warmer temperatures.  Please take this into account when ordering as we do not refund melted chocolate.

*Refund Policy

Several types of goods are exempt from being returned. Perishable goods such as snacks, food items, frozen goods, and fresh flowers cannot be returned.

*Some food products may vary in color from picture due to manufacturing differences in batchs