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Fresh Flower Leis in San Diego - Leilanis Attic

Fresh Flower Leis in San Diego

There is only one place in San diego to get fresh custom made leis for all occasions including graduation.  At Leilanis Leis / Leilanis Attic we make custom leis all year long in a variety of colors and flowers.  We ship in our flowers from Hawaii weekly and are consistently giving our customers the highest quality fresh flower lei in the mainland.  On our website you can order a lei and have it shipped anywhere in the US overnight.  A touch of Hawaii anywhere and anytime.


Our lei makers are some of the top lei makers born and raised in Hawaii and now living in the mainland sharing their gift of Aloha to everyone outside the islands.

Leis are for all occasions and can be made throughout the year.  Graduation, birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, paddle outs, concerts, homecomings, or about any occasion you can think of to commemorate with a feeling of Aloha!


Don't give that traditional bouquet of flowers when nobody has a vase to put them in.  Give a lei and everyone will stop in awe and gaze at the beautiful flowers you have around your person signifying love and happiness.

Mahalo for Leilanis and always remember - ALOHA MATTERS!


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