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Leilanis Welcomes Island Edge Designs as our Newest Brand - Leilanis Attic

Leilanis Welcomes Island Edge Designs as our Newest Brand

Island Edge Designs roots itself in the polynesian culture we grew up in, where life revolves around faith, family, and love.

Founded in 2008, our San Diego-based label started with its distinctive “picture frame” blanket, inspired by my late sister, who succumbed to cancer a few years ago. Her favorite blanket was passed on to me, coincidentally, as I was undergoing my own cancer treatment. The blanket was symbolic of our shared experience.  

As my cancer went into remission, I had this idea to reproduce her blanket for sale at the major poly craft fairs, donating a percentage of the proceeds to various cancer charities. My mom and I went to work over several weeks, cutting and sewing about 50 blankets, which sold quickly & became very popular with locals & non-locals. We named the collection after my sister and began a blanket drive, donating product to various cancer charities.    

During that same time, our desire to expand into the ladies apparel market was becoming increasingly more focused. In the Spring of 2010, we launched our Paradise collection at the Arizona Aloha Festival in Tempe. It was a designers dream, having sold most of our inventory while creating a small fan base, and taking orders for more. In the Fall of 2010, our collection was featured on the runway, as part of the “emerging designer” series at the Focus Apparel Trade Show in Los Angeles. Over time, we refined our brand, locking in our unique “poly-chic” resort- wear look.

We are blessed to be involved in this very-competitive industry, and are constantly learning the business of fashion. We are extremely grateful to our fans and customers for supporting us over the years and our goal for the immediate future is to continue expanding our apparel offerings, and to move into the wholesale retail market.
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