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The Ultimate Crack Seed Subscription Bundle (10 Packs)

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For all you crack seed lovers out there, we have created the ultimate grab bag. Mouth watering and sure to satisfy, this collection includes Ten of our most popular products. Order for yourself, or send one to a homesick Hawaiian living on the mainland or serving overseas.


Set includes:

  1. Red Li Hing Mui 2.5 oz
  2. Sweet Li Hing Mui 2.25 oz
  3. Salted Li Hing Mui 2.5 oz
  4. White Li Hing Mui 2.5 oz
  5. Li Hing Mui Ginger 2.5
  6. Li Hing Mui Mango 4 oz
  7. Rock Salt Lemon 2.5oz
  8. Dried Lemon 2.5 oz
  9. Li Hing Cherry 2.5 oz
  10. Sweet Whole Plum 2.5 oz


Subscription Plans:

Delivery Weekly : 25% Discount

Delivery every 2 Weeks : 20% Discount

Delivery Monthly : 15% Discount

Delivery Every 3 Months : 10% Discount

Subscribe Now and get even more savings.  Receive a shipment every Week, 2 Weeks, Month, or 3 Months and get up to 25% off.

After 3 Renewals become eligible to receive an additional 5 percent off as a loyalty bonus!

*Substitutions to different brands or similar items may occur if inventory is limited on Bundle items

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