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"Sleepytime Yawns in Hawaii" Children's Book (Board Book)

$ 16.99
Yawning tells your brain that it's time to take a rest. Everybody yawns, adults, kids, babies and even animals. And yawning is really contagious - both your friend and your dog can catch a yawm from you! Even thinking about yawning can make you do it! See - you're probably going to yawn right now. Must be time to take a nap! Sleepytime Yawns in Hawai'i is perfect to read to children before bedtime or naptime. The book visits different animals thoughout the islands, each giving a great big yawn before settling down to sleep. Sleepytime Yawns in Hawai'i plays off the notion that yawns are contagious, and that continuous yawning will promote sleepiness. With fun, adorable illustrations by Kat uno and simple lyrical writing, this is sure to be your keiki's favorite book before bed.

Board Book,18 pages, Size : 7" x 7".