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Scott Hawaii Women's Slippers - Mohala

$ 44.99
Color: White


Translation: Unfolded, as flower petals; blossoming

We don't always try to be different, sometimes we just try to be better.  If you're looking for a casual, go with anything, vegan leather slipper say hello to our little Mohala.  

Features & Benefits

Tapered vegan leather strap

The feel of genuine leather is hard to beat, but it's not for everyone. Fortunately we've found vegan options that fill it's place nicely.  With a supple vegan leather lining this heavy strap you can ensure a comfortable fit.

Vegan leather insole with heel patch

We utilized the same material on the insole and heel patch as the strap bringing together a very clean looking slipper.  The heel patch extends the life of the slipper by giving an extra later where it is needed most.

Lightweight rubber foam outsole

Finding the perfect balance is never easy, but we may have done it with this outsole.  It has enough rubber to make it last and enough foam to keep it lightweight. We encourage you to sample a match made in Hawai'i

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