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Sands of Lanikai

$ 11.99

Be taken on an unforgettable journey of suspense, adventure, mystery and romance in a coming-of-age story about the small town of Kailua, Oahu in November/December 1941. Sands of Lanikai, takes us back to the days just before December 7th and imagines a spy entering the waters of Kailua Bay.  Will the spy be discovered?  What is his mission?  What impact will his presence have on the opening days of World War II? At the same time, learn about young Paul Sands, an enigmatic young drifter who is suddenly faced with a family tragedy.  Sands arrives in Kailua and Lanikai just before Thanksgiving 1941 disconsolate over the death of his last-remaining relative.  Can he find out what killed his grandfather?  Will the mystery surrounding this sudden death unveil other truths?  What impact will have it have on his own life? Sands is helped by several colorful characters, including Hawaiian/Portuguese cowboy Jorge Luis and his beautiful half-sister, Healani, along with Honolulu policeman and Kailua-resident Jack Burns. Jorge battles with the local servicemen while Officer Burns tries to help unravel the mystery, and lovely Healani teaches young Paul how to truly understand the local way of life. In Kailua and Lanikai, we discover that country means a way of life so much different from today.  The town is very small and very rustic and dominated by Hawaiian cowboys, or paniolos, along with small town folks of many ethnicities and cultures mixed in with a growing military presence. But the land they all live in is incredibly beautiful and its what brings them together.  Hogue's passion for the beauty of the area is felt throughout the narrative--from the gorgeous beaches to the lush mountains that dominate Windward Oahu.  And as tensions mount towards the inevitability of war, suspicions escalate about who can be trusted and who can't.  As the mystery unravels and the suspense and romance build, the adventure is only beginning for Paul Sands.  What he discovers and what you discover may surprise you.