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Mixed Plate Lunch Bundle

Save 9%
Original price $ 54.99
Current price $ 49.99

All the Supplies for a Plate Lunch.  This Pack is also available for a subscription plan so you always have the supplies available when you feel like having your plate lunch.

This Pack Includes :

Golden Coin Pork Hash (Shio Mai) 16oz 13.99

(2) Golden Coin Manapua, 3 pc, Char-Siu 14.99

Redondo Musubi Portuguese Sausage 10oz 7.99

Spam 12oz Can 8.50

Sushi Nori 7 Sheets 4.50

Subscription Plans:

Delivery Weekly : 25% Discount

Delivery every 2 Weeks : 20% Discount

Delivery Monthly : 15% Discount

Delivery Every 3 Months : 10% Discount

Subscribe Now and get even more savings.  Receive a shipment every Week, 2 Weeks, Month, or 3 Months and get up to 25% off.

After 3 Renewals become eligible to receive an additional 5 percent off as a loyalty bonus!

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