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Orchids Pancit Bijon Rice Noodles 8 oz

$ 4.50

Orchids Pancit Bijon Rice Noodles - Essential Ingredient for Pancit Dishes

Create delicious and authentic Filipino meals with Orchids Pancit Bijon Rice Noodles! These thin, translucent rice noodles are a staple ingredient in many Filipino dishes, especially Pancit Bijon.

Thin and Springy Rice Noodles for Authentic Filipino Cuisine

Made from high-quality rice flour, Orchids Pancit Bijon Rice Noodles boast a springy texture and a mild flavor that perfectly complements a variety of Filipino dishes. Their thin profile allows them to absorb the flavors of your favorite sauces and broths, ensuring a delicious dining experience.

Perfect for Soups, Stir-Fries, and Spring Rolls

Beyond Pancit Bijon, these versatile rice noodles can be used in a variety of Filipino recipes. Their delicate texture makes them ideal for stir-fries and soups, while their ability to hold their shape allows them to be used in spring rolls.

Easy to Cook - Delicious Results

Quick and easy to cook, Orchids Pancit Bijon Rice Noodles are a convenient way to add texture and flavor to your favorite Filipino dishes. Simply follow the package instructions for perfectly cooked noodles every time. Net weight 8 oz. Product of Japan.