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Kawaikapuokalani Hewett "He Lei Aloha No Na Mo'opuna" CD

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As a renowned musician, kumu hula and kahuna, Kawaikapuokalani Hewett has bestowed another magnificent album to the Island Heritage Music Ohana. He Lei Aloha No Na Mo’opuna is a beautiful ‘lei’ of love inspired by his grandchildren.

Kawaikapuokalani hopes and dreams that one day in the future his grandchildren will be able to share these stories with their own grandchildren and that the love for the ancestors and our ’Olelo will be carried on to the future generations of our ohana.

12 Tracks
1. Tutu Kana’e
2. Tutu Lullaby / Mele Ho’ohiamoe
3. Pretty Flower Leis
4. He Aloha ‘Oe E Tutu E
5. Hula Sisters
6. I Luna La I Kalani
7. Mele No Ka Mahele O Ke Kino
8. He Mele No Ka Helu ‘Ana A Me Na Manu O Hawai’i Nei
9. Mele No Ka Waiho’olu’u
10. Do You Know the Story of Lilinoe
11. Pele Sets Sail from Tahiti
12. Aloha No Au I Ku’u Tutu

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