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"Forever Mine" Children's Book (Hardcover)

$ 24.99

Forever Mine encompasses the age-old question, “where did I come from?”  Most children ask this question and most parents devise an answer based on whatever popped into their head at the time, a family story handed down generation to generation or based on their religious beliefs.  Forever Mine gives a beautiful yet gentle answer to a question that started with “why”, “why did you choose me” and ends with a warm embrace of, “this is why”, a mother’s sincere love for her son. Forever Mine is an endearing journey of a mother sharing with her inquisitive son that will resonate with the young and old. As long as the sun crosses the sky and the stars shine at night, children will continue to ask, “Why?” Explore the wonder and joy of a parent showing their child how special they truly are. 

Leeana Batungbacal was born and raised on the island of Maui. This is her first book with Island Heritage. Drawing inspiration from her family, this book is based on a real conversation between her mother and her brother. She credits her mom for instilling in her a love for reading and writing.


Alex Nguyen is an illustrator with a great love for children, nature, animals and outside activities. She was born in Hanoi, Vietnam and started a career in traditional medicine then as a restaurant manager ultimately finding her way back to her childhood passion, drawing. Her motto is, “it’s never too late to do your best!” Alex brings all of her creative ideas to every project especially when collaborating with women authors and publishers.