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Anuhea, Follow Me (Deluxe) CD

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Anuhea’s Follow Me pushes her style past its traditional limits in the best ways. The music on this album carries a contemporary pop sound with thoughtful and meaningful lyrics that have become a staple of Anuhea’s music. Sprinkled in are a few island and reggae jams, reminiscent of her greatest hits. The deluxe edition of Follow Me features two new songs, “Walls” and “Mixed Feelings” featuring Sammy Johnson.

14 Tracks:
1. We Make It Look Easy
2. Like the Way it Feels
3. Riddles
4. Right Now
5. I Won't Settle
6. Hand's Up
7. Right Back Where I Started
8. X-Lover
9. Don't Want Your Money feat. Mahi
10. Who Knew
11. How Not to Hurt You
12. Follow Me
13. Walls
14. Mixed Feelings feat. Sammy Johnson

Bonus Tracks:
15. You Had Me at Aloha
16. Mixed Feelings (Unplugged) feat. Sammy Johnson

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