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Aloha Plus Alkaline Water 500ml

$ 1.99

Aloha Plus Begins as our world-renowned “Aloha Purified” that is then run through our patented 24 hour Alkaline & Micro-Clustering process. This process raises the pH to 8.2* to help neutralize acids and prevent further damage to the body’s cells, but more importantly the Micro-Clustering increases the absorption rate of the water from 2-5% up to 80%. This aids the body in delivering more nutrients as well as extracting more toxins. Aloha Plus is the world’s most advanced hydration technology. Less Fatigue. Prolonged Endurance. Heightened Metabolic Efficiency. Improved Nutrient Absorption. More Effective Hydration.

This product is for 1 single 500ml carton.