If you have any questions or need assistance regarding an existing order, please send us an email at: customerservice@leilanisattic.com

If you need assistance regarding a lei order, please send us an email at: customerservice@leilanisleis.com.

Additionally, we have 2 stores if you would like to contacts by phone if you're local. Our locations and business details are below.

San Diego Store:

5105 Cass St San Diego, CA 92109

Phone: 619-246-1494

Hours of Operation: Sunday thru Thursday: 9am-3pm, Friday thru Saturday: 9am-4pm

Las Vegas Store:

4741 S Maryland Pkwy Las Vegas, NV 89011

Phone: 702-912-9819

Hours of Operation: Monday thru Thursday: 1030am-630pm, Friday thru Saturday: 1030am-7pm, Sunday:1030am-6pm