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The Meaning & Essence Of Aloha (Hawai’i) — It’s More Than What You Know! - Leilanis Attic

The Meaning & Essence Of Aloha (Hawai’i) — It’s More Than What You Know!

The Meaning & Essence Of Aloha (Hawai’i) — It’s More Than What You Know 

Spending just a few minutes in the state of Hawai’i will make you feel like there’s something in the air. Something that is beyond the excitement of getting to explore the magnificent islands. Something you could describe as … a feeling, a spirit, perhaps an energy.

In Hawai’i, it’s known as, “The Spirit of Aloha. 

As such, Aloha is more (in fact, much more) than just a word — it is a way of life and an essence of being.

The cool part is, if you were to ask native Hawaiians the meaning of Aloha, you’d get more answers than you know what to do with.

The word ‘Aloha’ has many interpretations, and the way it is incorporated into the lives of Hawaiians is diverse. Keep reading to discover all about Aloha, what it means to the people of Hawai’i, and how employing it in your life can help you!

The Multiple Meanings Of Aloha

Roaming around Hawai’i, you’ll hear local Polynesians and Hawaiians tossing the word “Aloha” around multiple times a day. Meeting someone? “Aloha!”  Bidding farewell? “Aloha!” Wishing someone a good morning? “Aloha Kakahiaka!”

But this magical word is not just a salutation; there’s a lot more to it.

Apart from being used as a common way to say hello and goodbye, the meaning of Aloha revolves around love, compassion, and kindness. It refers to a mutual understanding of respect, depicts peace and unity, and symbolizes a unique way of living.

The Literal Meaning Of Aloha And Each Of Its Letters

The word ‘Aloha’ is from the beautiful Hawaiian language that consists of only 13 letters. It is one of the most used Hawaiian words to ever exist, and because of its popularity across the globe, it has made Hawaii earn the name ‘the Aloha State’. 

To make the picture clearer, let’s break it down into parts.

Translating from Hawaiian to English, alo means “share” or “presence”, ha means “breath of life”, and oha means “show affection”. And so, the direct (and very ethereal) translation of Aloha is “presence of the divine breath”.

It all comes down to acts of thoughtfulness and a positive attitude, you see.

But there’s more to the story — each letter has its own meaning as well:


kindness, to be expressed with tenderness


unity, to be expressed with harmony


agreeable, to be expressed with pleasantness


humility, to be expressed with modesty


patience, to be expressed with perseverance

As such, Aloha has a variety of meanings — compassion, kindness, mercy, sympathy, peace, love, affection, and so on! It is basically all the virtues that, when mandated into everyone’s life, will make this world a better place.

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The Aloha Spirit — A Lifestyle In Hawai’i

The word Aloha further extends to imply the concept of “The Aloha Spirit”. And this is exactly where Hawaiians are able to contribute to this world and make it a better place. 

The Aloha Spirit is a unique lifestyle and the secret to a fulfilling, happy life. It depicts striving for good and encourages the masses to treat others with kindness and compassion. When living Aloha, people treat fellow humans and the surrounding land with empathy, grace, and mercy.  

As such, local Polynesians and Hawaiians do not just say the word “Aloha”. They breathe it. They live it. And they treat others with it. 

The Domino Effect Of Aloha

Incorporating Aloha is not just about a single person striving for good. In fact, it has a domino effect, initiating a long chain of good virtues. 

This is because a life of Aloha means having a heart so full of love and light that you are able to influence others with your spirit. And so, from one person to another, the beautiful spirit of Aloha spreads, and special bonds are formed.

Hawaiians Live Aloha — But How Exactly?

You don’t emulate Aloha just once. It’s a day-to-day thing that encompasses your interaction with life and joy — something that will form a part of you and something that you will share with others.  

But the question is, how exactly do Hawaiians live Aloha in their daily life?

The fundamental way Hawaiians emulate Aloha is by using it as a greeting or salutation. In this instant of meeting, there is mutual regard and affection while expecting nothing in return. The unique part is that they say it with full emotion and feeling, not just as a bland hello or goodbye!

Added to that, here are a few other ways in which the people of Hawai’i (and anyone else who wishes to!) incorporate Aloha into their lives:

Being Appreciative

Hawaiians appreciate whatever they are blessed with. Be it joy, closeness to loved ones, or the mere gift of life itself, the people don’t let a single blessing go unnoticed and make sure to express gratitude for everything they have!

Staying Connected To One’s Ohana (family)

One of the strong pillars of Hawaiian culture is family and community. And hence, Hawaiians live Aloha by staying connected and sharing joy with the people of their ohana.

Being Compassionate

Another impactful way in which Hawaiians live Aloha is by adopting compassion in all walks of life. They are kind to whoever and whatever comes in their path. This ensures everyone around them is touched by their kindness and positive vibes.

Respecting Nature

Living Aloha is not just about impacting people; it also encompasses spreading its beautiful spirit to other living things. Working on these lines, Hawaiians treat the land, its growings, and everything else Mother Nature has to offer with respect and mercy. 

Why Is Aloha So Special In Hawai’i?

Aloha is one of the most unique and essential values of the Hawaiian culture. But what makes it so special?

Apart from the fact that Aloha frames the lifestyle of Hawaiians, it is a priceless bond that keeps the people of Hawai’i joined together. 

This is further impacted by the fact that most Hawaiians haven’t ever travelled outside the islands. And so, Hawai’i, its culture, and its spellbinding spirit of Aloha is all they ever know about.

Additionally, Aloha is extremely special because it is one of the reasons why visitors keep returning to the islands. They love to experience the feeling of togetherness and love in the air, thanks to Hawaiians living Aloha. It is also the reason why they refer to many Hawaiians as their ‘friends and family’ despite having met them just once!

How Aloha Can Impact Your Life

The good news is — the Aloha Spirit isn’t just for the Hawaiians. It’s for anyone and everyone who wishes to change the narrative of the world in a unique way. 

And there is arguably no better way to play your role in making this world a better place than by living the spirit of Aloha. In that regard, let’s discuss how you can do so and what impacts it will have.

How To Incorporate Aloha In Your Life

Although there are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to living Aloha, here are a few ways to do so:

  • Cultivate meaningful relationships and value the people in your life
  • Always choose to see the good without getting overwhelmed by the not-so-pleasant aspects of life
  • Live in the moment and be mindful of what you have
  • Love, love, love

But that’s not just it.

You can create Aloha in a single instant by pausing and deciding to be kind to someone. Helping someone out, giving them a shoulder to cry on, or even passing them a warm smile are examples of the essence of Aloha. And so, you can live this beautiful spirit in plenty of ways.

Ultimately, one instance of kindness or one act of generosity can impact the life of someone struggling in more ways than you can fathom. 

It is that simple, yet that powerful. 

How Aloha Will Affect Everyone Around You

By sharing the spirit of generosity and kindness, you will touch the lives of everyone around you. All in all, you won’t just be helping and uplifting them, but you will also be inspiring them to adopt the same virtues in their lives.

Why Should We Mandate Aloha In Everyone’s Lives?

Very simply put, mandating Aloha in everyone’s lives will make the world a happier place for us humans, animals, and Mother Nature. It will positively impact every aspect of life and promote peace, unity, and mindfulness. 

But why should we Mandate Aloha, and how will it affect our current situation? Let’s find out!

How Aloha Will Affect Our Current Situation

Hawaiians believe living Aloha keeps them centered, satisfied, and happy while dealing with the problems of everyday life. 

To understand this better, imagine this: you have a problem going on at work that keeps you tensed. As a result, you tend to ignore your little ones waiting for you at the door, the delicious meal your wife just fixed on the dinner table, the smell of home, and the feeling of being loved. 

You see — one problem may lead to the negligence of so many blessings. And so many moments you could spend collecting memories go to waste while worrying about something you can’t control.

If you create Aloha in this instant, you will focus solely on the moment of being surrounded by family, sharing meals, and making cherishable memories. You will understand that life is a series of ups and downs. If you trust the process and put in the required efforts, everything will eventually fall back into place. 

And so, the fear of dark nights won’t overshadow the hope of new sunrises.

Mandating Aloha, thus, will have positive impacts on our current situations and the world around us. 

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With this blog post coming to a wrap, we hope we inspired you to sprinkle a little sunshine of the Aloha spirit wherever you go.

Pause for a minute and try to think of one way you will live Aloha. When you’re done, share your idea(s) in the comments below — if you can live even one instance of Aloha today, we’ll consider this blog post a success! 

On that note, Aloha A Hui Hou!

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