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The Rough Riders "We Ride"

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$ 19.99
Hawai’i music icons and award winning artists Henry Kapono, John Cruz, and Brother Noland come together to form The Rough Riders. They bring together the well-honed craft and power of three inspiring songwriters, three distinctive voices and the perfect blending of guitars to create an exceptional musical style. We Ride the EP features unique and powerful versions of two Hawaiian classics, “Waimanalo Blues” and “Kila Kila Na Rough Rider”, along with “Nana”, “El Dorado”, “I Love My Baby”, and “Cassandra.”

6 Tracks:
1. Waimanlo Blues
2. Nana
3. El Dorado
4. I Love My Baby
5. Cassandra
6. Kila Kila Na Rough Riders