"Spambiance" Greeting Card


$ 2.99 


Share the beauty of the islands with this lovely Single Designer Greeting Card, the perfect way to send greetings and let that special someone know how much you care. Design showcase the work of Tom Thordarson.

Each card is blank on the inside and measures 5"x 7".


Here is the recipe for Spam Musubi


  • 2 slices Spam
  • 3 ounces cooked white rice, seasoned with furikake and toasted sesame seeds, if desired 
  • 1 whole sheet nori


  • 1.In large skillet, cook SPAM until lightly browned and crisp. 
  • 2.Place rice into musubi press or small can. Place SPAM on rice; drizzle with grill sauce or cooking sauce. Top with remaining rice; press down. Remove SPAM® and rice from musubi press. 
  • 3.On work surface, lay nori shiny-side-down; top with SPAM mixture. Wrap up. Cut each musubi in half. Slice each half diagonally into 2 pieces. Serve immediately.




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