Mandala Sarong - Olive and Green with Orange Sequins and Fringe

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Color:  Green


Mandala Sarong - Olive Green With Green and Opalescent Orange Sequins and traditional fringe on both ends. Our beautifully hand crafted mandala circle sarong is one of the newest in our 2017 collect. The mandala circle is said to bring balance, perfection and eternity as the distance to any point from the center is equally the same from wherever it may be measured. This radial balance might be exactly what you need to tie together that swimsuit, your wardrobe or possibly your even your inner self. The sequins on this sarong also follow the radial pattern and are sure to catch eyes with reflections of the sun. Limited quantities available on these handcrafted zen sarongs - pick one up before they are gone.

66 x 44 Inches

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