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Li Hing Mui Sour Watermelon Subscription Pack - 3.5 oz (Pack of 5)

Save 15%
Original price $ 19.99
Current price $ 16.99

One of our most popular candies! These sour watermelon gummy candies covered in Li Hing Mui (Plum) powder are sure to make your mouth water and lips pucker.  Our candy is the perfect blend of sweet, sour, and salty. Once you start eating them, you won't be able to stop!


  • Chewy, soft, sweet, and sour candy 
  • You will receive FIVE 3.5 oz bags
  • Bundle Price Cheaper then Individual Bags
  • Subscription Option Available to get an extra Discount


Subscription Plans:

Delivery Weekly : 25% Discount

Delivery every 2 Weeks : 20% Discount

Delivery Monthly : 15% Discount

Delivery Every 3 Months : 10% Discount

Subscribe Now and get even more savings.  Receive a shipment every Week, 2 Weeks, Month, or 3 Months and get up to 25% off.

After 3 Renewals become eligible to receive an additional 5 percent off as a loyalty bonus!

*Substitutions to different brands or similar items may occur if inventory is limited on Bundle items

** Online Only