Iz Voice of the People Book

Motu Hawaii

$ 39.99 

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, born in 1959, the year Hawai'i became a state, rose to unrivaled celebrity on the strength of his one-in-a-million voice and a four-string 'ukulele. His phenomenal hit "Over the Rainbow" propelled his Facing Future album to Platinum status. His voice has been heard around the world in blockbuster films, television shows, and advertisements. IZ: Voice of the People is a portrait in words and over 200 photos of the man behind the music--his childhood, his early year with the Mā kaha Sons of Ni'ihau, his solo career, his personal struggles and successes. It is about fame, but it is also about triumph over adversity and loss; about standing up for the people of Hawai'i at a critical time in their history and inspiring them to demand justice and sovereignty; and about the music, people, and events that shaped Israel and his career.

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