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Hawaii Scandal by Cobey Black

$ 26.99

Cobey Black (author) will be featured and interviewed on PBS' "American Experience" on Monday, April 18, 2005. Check your local TV listings for specific channel and time details. The episode, titled "The Massie Affair," will provide an in-depth look at the incident and subsequent trial that formed the basis for Cobey's book.This true story of the notorious Massie Case reads like a thriller as it unfolds with the alleged gang rape of a beautiful young Navy wife that leads to a lynching by the most bizarre band of criminals in the annals of crime.

Led by the aristocratic socialite niece of Alexander Graham Bell, the murderers avenged the brutal violation claimed by her daughter, then lured flamboyant Clarence Darrow, the most famous trial lawyer in America, from retirement to try his last case.

Hawaii's greatest scandal rocked the island paradise to its volcanic roots and only Pearl Harbor, a decade later, exceeded it as a day of infamy.