Kim Chee Popcorn, Microwave, 6oz

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Hawaiian Hurricane Company


SPICY!! - we've added hot kim chee spices to our hurricane popcorn. It's buttery and salty, with delicious furikake nori seasoning and crunchy bits of mochi rice crackers all doused with kim chee spiciness. This gourmet microwave popcorn is made in Hawaii and offers an addictive blend of buttery popcorn, mochi rice crackers, furikake nori and kim chee seasoning. An easy to prepare microwaveable gourmet popcorn snack.

  • Includes one (1) 6-oz. package of microwave popcorn and seasonings
  • Each package contains microwave popcorn, mochi crunch and furikake seasoning packet, kim chee powder packet, buttery topping packet and mixing bag
  • Contains approximately 5 servings per package
  • Contains soy and wheat
  • Made in Hawai'i

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