Blast Radius Coffee, 12oz

Blast Radius Coffee

$ 20.00 


Blast Radius is an artful blend of four beans from four geographic areas: Indonesia, Brazil, Panama and Kona. The Kona beans celebrate one of the world’s great endurance events, the triathlon that takes place on the Big Island each year and that we can’t mention by name because we’ll almost certainly get a letter from their lawyer.

The beans from the other three areas are chosen for their taste, character and high-caffeine content. They are then roasted carefully (lovingly might be a more accurate description) to maximize taste and maintain a Blast Radius-worthy level of caffeine. 

Blast Radius contains 50mg of caffeine per ounce, which is 2.5-3.5 times as much caffeine as you’ll find in most commercially available fresh-brewed coffees, including you-know-who.

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