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Arizona Aloha Festival 2024

Arizona 30th Aloha Festival Banner

Arizona Aloha Festival 2024

Where is the Arizona Aloha Festival held?

The Arizona Aloha Festival is held every year at Tempe Town Lakes in Phoenix, Arizona.

How long is the Arizona Aloha Festival?

The Arizona Aloha Festival is a 2-day festival.

What can I find at the Arizona Aloha Festival Marketplace?

The Island Marketplace features vendors selling a variety of Hawaiian and Polynesian items, including:

  • Hawaiian snacks

  • Polynesian jewelry

  • Island clothing

  • Traditional island artifacts

  • Stickers

Popular brands like Hawaiian Island Creations, Local Motion, Reyn Spooner, and Hawaii's Finest will be present, along with many other unique island clothing brands.

What kind of food is available at the Arizona Aloha Festival?

The Arizona Aloha Festival features a wide variety of food options, including:

  • Hawaiian food: Lau lau, poi, lomi lomi salmon, poke, kalua pig, and more
  • Other food options: Shave ice, boba, Filipino food, Chamorro food

Be prepared for lines, especially during peak hours, as the food is a popular attraction at the festival.

Additional Information: For more information about the Arizona Aloha Festival, please visit the official website: