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Local Motion, 50th State of Mind, Hawaiian Islands Creations (HIC), Hinano, Roxy, and more! Our Women's collection carries everything from shirts and tanks, to shorts, dresses and bathing suits. 

Plus, our Aloha wear features Hawaiian made Aloha dresses and shirts for women by KY International.

We also make our own Leilanis Ohana tanks and shirts to represent your favorite Ohana in San Diego.

View all #Kukiaimauna Accesories accessary accessories Aloha Attire Aloha Dress Aloha dresses Aloha Print Aloha Shirt Aloha Shirts Apparel Apparrel Backpack Backpacks Bag bags Bangle bathing suit Bathing Suits Beach Attire Beachwear Beanie Belt Bikini Blouses Board Shorts Boardshorts Bracelet Bracelets Bucket Hat Casual clearance Clothing Clothing accessory College Coverup Crop top Da Kine dakine Dress Dress Wear dresses DTG ear ring earring earrings Elastic Essentials Family Sets Fanny Pack faux Fitted Flip Flops Floral Floral Print flower flower pick Foam flower Formal Girls Gold Gray Grey guam Hair hair accesories Hair accessories hair clip Hair pick hair stick hair tie handbag handbags hat Hats Hawaii Hawaiian Hawaiian Dress Hawaiian Dresses Hawaiian Print Hawaiian Shirt Hawaiian Shirts hi finest Hibiscus HIC Hinano Hoodie Hoodies Hula Jerseys Jewelry koa leggings Leilanis Leilanis Attic Local Motion Long Dress Mens Midi Muu Muu necklace One Size Onesize Orchid Palm Trees Pareo Pearl Plumeria Pua Purse Purses racerback Regular fit Roxy rubber band Samoa Samoan Sandals Sarong Sarongs Shirt Shirts Shoes Shorts silver Skirts Slim fit Slippers Snapback Socks Sports Sterling Silver Stitch Summer Dress Sweater swim suit Swim Wear Swimsuit Swimwear T-Shirt T-Shirts Tahitian Pearl Tank Tank Top Tank Tops Tanks Tiare tights Top Tops tote Tribal Trucker Tshirt turtle shell Tyson U of H UH volleyball shorts Wallet Wallets Women Women's Clothing women's shirts Womens Womens-Hats Youth

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