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Our Story - Leilanis Attic

Our Story

We are the real life family business success story.  The business started with Leilanis Cafe in San Diego and spawned into Leilanis Attic and Leilanis Leis.  In 2014, after I returned from overseas, I really craved my snacks from my island home of Oahu.  Snacks such as Li Hing Mui, Kauai Kookie, Strawberry belts, and Kulolo were extremely hard to find in California and getting them sent from family back home in Hawaii seemed to be an inconvenience and time consuming. I also wanted to buy clothing from my favorite brands such as HIC, Local Motion, and Hawaiian Style but these were really impossible to find.  For this reason , I was inspired to create my own gift shop next to my moms Hawaiian style cafe.    Leilanis Attic became a shopping destination for San Deigans and tourists who wanted a taste of islands.  At the time, I also was making lei for friends and family and was encouraged to start selling them in the store.  After getting the word out in San Diego, I created both websites: and These 2 websites and working a lot of the craft fairs really boosted our visibility and propelled us to the next level of business.  Over the past 10 years we have become very well known in the Hawaiian community and with Island lovers all throughout the country.We opened the Vegas location in 2018 and our Clairemont Mesa location in 2023.   Although we've grown so much since the beginning we are still a mom and pop shop.  Being a small family owned business is how we started and no matter how big we get we will always take the time to get to know our customers, their families and make sure we continue to provide all the products from the islands.